House of Dreams

Photo by Piter1977/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Piter1977/iStock / Getty Images

A little red stüga sits in the woods

on a Swedish countryside

veiled in red and white,

blue and yellow.

Colorful beacons

of cozy houses

gathering and nurturing

of crackling fires

humble, sweet treats,

and artistic souls

waiting for their dreams to alight.


Across the biggest ocean blue,

peaked roofs and fifty stars swaying in the wind

overlook cherry-washed shingles

and a proud Swedish boy

standing tall with his Connecticut wife,

his three Connecticut girls,

and three crowns marking hard work

and an American Dream of success

and entrepreneurship come true.


The gleaming white doors

clicked open and shut

like a jittery musical rhythm

of excited customers

tramping through snow, pollen, or sweat

to ponder Scandia blue and shining crystal china,

Swedish plasma brews and sweet spiced buns,

and the chatter from a wise and genuine proprieter

who made Tre Kronor a New England attraction.


A little red stüga sits in the woods

on a wintery Connecticut countryside

rewarding any little feet

that dare tramp through the ice and snow

with a warming fire feeding dreams and recipes

in a playhouse built with love

and a grandfather carrying stories

and promises that anything is possible.

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