Soulful from Scratch

“From scratch” is a curious term. Scratch can mean to sooth an itch, dent the surface, leaving a mark, digging into something. For any food lover the term means all of the above- feeding an itch for getting hands dirty with flour, chocolate, and an explosion of fine-tuned flavors. For a baker and food passionista like me, from scratch is the only way to go.  Carefully measuring out the ingredients, mixing them together with love, and watching it transform in the oven is like magic and a caring, personalized gift that a cake mix just can’t match. As a kid, I was always disappointed when faced with a counterfoil of uninspiring, predictable, and too-easy cake mixes that didn’t leave any room for interpretation and were over in a matter of minutes. The feel of flour running through my hands, its dust cloud soothing away the stresses of the day; Combining it with expertly measured sugar, spice, and richness to result in a sweet treat that is truly unique and truly my own could not be beat. That’s why in my kitchen you’ll find healing hearts, flourishing spirits, and trays full of homemade treats made from scratch.

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