Pastry Party Platters
A mix of our favorite vegan pastries like Scandinavian Almond Cake, Apple Brownies, cookies and more!
Priced per person, $3.00 each with $20 minimum order.

Coffee To Go
Take with you the lemony blonde roast of Sister’s Coffee’s High Desert Sunrise or the nutty, caramel notes of their Gautemalan,
Each 96 oz. (12 cup) container is $10

Cookie Gift Bags
Say thank you to a friend or employee with a bag of flavor-packed cookies! 1 case (12 bags of 8 cookies each): $70

In-store pickup: No extra charge
10 miles or less from bakery: $15
10-20 miles from bakery: $25
Call us for deliveries over 20 miles.


Prices effective May 1, 2018 and are subject to change without notice.