We are 100% Vegan!

Community Supported Bread

We’d love to bake all different types of bread for our customers, but are only offering Challah and Limpa on a regular basis right now. Please sign up for the Community Supported Bread Program or call the bakery at (503) 339-3187 to place a specific bread order.

Plans are good for three months!

Bread for One– small loaves & rolls
GF: $82.00, Regular: $66.00

Bread for Two – One loaf per week
GF: $125.00 Regular: $100.00

Bread for Family –  Two loaves per week
GF: $220.00 Regular: $175.00

Ever heard of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program? It’s where farmers sell shares of the upcoming season’s harvest in order to get crucial working capital to keep the farm going and plant a variety of crops

Well, Carina’s Bakery is offering you a CSB (Community Supported Bread) program. Many of you have asked for bread and we’ve been trying to heed that call, but we need a little help to be able to make a variety of breads on a regular basis. We need to become a destination for bread. While we do that, you can buy into a share of bread and walk home with fresh loaves every week! Think fresh, egg-free challah, whole grain Limpa, and gluten free pumpernickel (yes, you can choose to have all gluten free shares if you want); plus new creations as the whim strikes!

How does it work?

You’ll choose a share quantity and commit to 3 months of bread shares. Fill out the form and submit payment ahead, then come in anytime during the designated pickup window and be ready to tear in! Or, you can slice and freeze the bread for mid-week lunches and toast! All shares will include 1-3 loaves of specialty bread (ex. challah or gf focaccia) per month. (Sorry, we don’t offer pre-sliced bread at this time).

Register Now

Give the bakery a call at 503-339-3187 with any questions you might be having! Thank you for your support.