We are 100% Vegan!

We are still making ice cream during the colder months. Flavors vary by season.

Vegan Ice Cream Treats

All ice cream available for pickup only; no delivery. Our patio is open for outdoor seating.

Prices subject to change. Not all items available on all days of the week and are based on ingredient availability and seasonality.

Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Pints $12.00
  • Milkshakes $7.00
  • Cold Brew Mochashake $8.00
  • Mocha Brownie Sandwich $6.00
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches $5.00

    Made to Order

  • Ice Cream By The Scoop $3.75


Our ice cream is made in-house in small batches, so please call ahead for pint orders when possible, and you must call ahead for any large order of ice cream (though we are happy to fill it!)

Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

Regularly Available Flavors

Lingonberry Swirl Ice Cream

Lingonberry Swirl

Vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream swirled with
silky-smooth lingonberry sorbet. Contains 1.5% alcohol by volume.
Not for minors.

Vegan Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

Milk Chocolate

A chocolate oat milk base with lightly caramelized
sugar and a hint of maca powder for a creamy, lightly malted taste.

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Bean

Smooth and creamy coconut milk base with floral and complex vanilla bean infused into it.

Rotating appearances

Stockholm Seabreeze Ice Cream

Puppy Playtime

Vanilla-almond-milk and peanut butter bases swirled together and mixed with chunks of banana, peanut cookie dough,  and roasted peanuts.

Puppy Playtime Ice Cream

Stockholm Seabreeze

Creamy coconut base bursting with earthy cardamom, with an undertone of lavender and sea salt and interspersed with crunchy vanilla “seafood.”

Persian Pistachio

Rich pistachio cream base with hints of olive oil and lemon. Gluten-free. Contains pistachios and almonds.

Almond Snowflake

Rich coconut ice cream with toasted almonds and coconut flakes.

Shamrock Swirl

Earthy hemp milk base with bold mint flavor, chunks of Thin O’Mint cookies, and a swirlf of dark chocolate